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Small Foliage Plants

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Peperomia (Pepromia spp.)

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Peperomia is known also known as pepper face.Peperomia is low light requiring plant grown easily house indoor conditions and some species are suitable for a desk and table. Peperomias are grown for their ornamental foliage and sometimes for their attractive flowers (Peperomiafraseri). Peperomia plants have a compact form that lets them occupy a small space. These hardy and attractive plants perform well in diffused light, some species are suitable as basket plants.Peperomia plant can be best used as a house plant as well as office plant. It's also a good flowering plant.

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Schefflera (Schefflera spp.)

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Schefflera is a wonderful tropical plant. It is a popular perennial indoor evergreen plant. It requires minimal maintenance in comparison to other house plants. Plants are grown for indoor pot plants which purify the indoor air. Schefflera is the most useful home plant and It also uses as office decoration Plant.

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Tradescantia (Tradescantia zebrina)

Tradescantia zebrina commonly known as Wandering Jew, Inch Plant, Cockroach Grass and Purple Wandering Jew. It is a succulent herbaceous perennial plant are valued for their stripes of white, green, silver, and purple colors of their leaves. It is commonly grown as a houseplant, groundcover and bedding plant.


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Foliage of crotons is excellent material for use in floral arrangements. Both individual leaves and entire branches can be used in floral designs. Croton seeds are sometimes applied directly to the skin for muscle and joint pain (rheumatism), gout, nerve pain (neuralgia), and bronchitis. Croton seed is a powerful purgative. Among the conditions croton seed is used to treat are abdominal pain and constipation, convulsions, profuse sputum, oedema and ascites.

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Torch aloe (Aloe aristata)

Aloe aristata is grown as a garden plant. It is an an excellent choice for container gardens indoors. It is mainly grown for Container, Edging, groundcover and mixed border.

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