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Small Foliage Plants

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Moon cactus (Epiphyllum angulige)



This prickly variety of succulent family is found in abundance in parts of  North and South America and some parts of South Africa. The uncanny attractiveness, diversity in colour and unexpected sizes are so captivating that it has made its place in the list of most gifted and loved houseplant.

These little succulents flourish with minimal attention and with little care they bloom exquisitely. Mammillaria, Gymnocalycium, and Parodia are few pricky cacti varieties out of many that flower well with pain-free effort. The distinctive look of the cactus and its quality to survive in adverse conditions are the reasons that people opt to buy a wide variety of cactuses for landscaping for their rooftop gardens and indoor decor.


Care Tips

  • The easiest way to kill a cactus is overwatering.

  • Potting mix should be extremely well drained.

  • Place in dry spots in winters.  

  • Water only the soil, avoid water splashes on the leaves.

  • Early morning watering is preferable.

  • A sunny window aids in the flourishing of the cactus.

  • Do not keep the cactus in dark and suffocating spaces.

  • Carefully handle while transferring without interrupting the arrangement of the root system, wrap strips of paper around to form a loop on top and then handle it.

  • Water sparingly allowing the soil to dry.


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Araucaria (Araucaria heterophylla)

(Family- Araucariaceae)

Araucaria Heterophylla is symmetrical looking conifer tree that rarely grows up to 3-6 feet. Out of the 15 species in this family, Araucaria is the only one that is grown as an indoor plant.  This plant is a native from Norfolk Island in South Pacific, but it does not care about the kind of soil, rather it can tolerate adversely acidic soils as well as salty soil near beaches. Araucaria may have the quality of surviving in a variety of soils but at the same time it needs good drainage to flourish. Araucaria because of its branches arranged in tiers and leaves like tiny needles, makes it look attractive indoors and outdoors, this structure of the plant is popularly known and chosen as a Christmas tree making it a very popular ornamental plant for house and gardens.        

   Care Tips

  •          Do not let the plant sit in water.
  •          Overwatering can be deadly.
  •          Provide well-drained soil.
  •          Care for the roof system is a must, therefore frequent repotting should be avoided.
  •          They tolerate 7˚c-27˚c of temperature, if above then mist-spray occasionally.
  •          Keep the plant in medium to bright light as much as possible.
  •          Do not cut or trim the plant.
  •          Provide some ventilation during the summer months.
  •          Mix a liquid fertilizer to the potting mix every three weeks in the active growth period.


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Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum comosum)

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Chlorophytum is a clump-forming perennial plant with lance-shaped leaves. Leaves have green leaves with cream or white center stripes.

Spider plants are known as an air filtering plant, eliminating significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and ortrichloroethylene. Plants are suitable for grown as ground cover, container or above-ground planter, edging, hanging basket; suitable for growing indoors and grown on a vertical wall. Chlorophytum is the best home interior plant. Other names of Chlorophytum plant are airplane plant, Hen-and-Chickens, ribbon plant, spider-ivy and Spider plant.


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Golden Sansevieria (Sansevieria trifasciata)

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Sansevieria plants are excellent in a grouping and will grow equally well on the floor or on table-top displays. Sansevieria plants have an excellent capability of absorbing 107 unknown air pollutant including (such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, carbon dioxide and carbon mono-oxides) from the air. Sansevieria use the crassulacean acid metabolism process, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night. This purportedly makes them suitable bedroom plants. It also absorbs formaldehyde, chloroform, benzene, xylene, and trichloroethylene. Sansevieria as the indoor plant you will be saved from a wide range of health risks such as irritation on skin and eyes, dizziness, weakness, euphoria, headache, nausea, blurred vision, respiratory diseases, tremors, irregular heartbeat, liver and kidney damage, paralysis and unconsciousness. Sansevieria is the low maintenance plant and It can be used as a office plants as well as home plants

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Bostern fern

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Ferns are an excellent house plants available in a number of varieties. It flourishes in warm and moist climates and its trailing delicate leaves are also used in flower decorations. Fern plant is the excellent interior plant and it can be used as a office plant as well as home plant.

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Golden Xanadu (Xanadu Philodendron)

Golden Xanadu is an evergreen perennial indoor plant that usually grows about 2-3 feet in height. Leaves are big and lobed shaped. It is good for pot planting in indoor areas and ideal for mass planting in the garden or as an excellent feature plant in large containers.   Parts of plants are poisonous if ingested.  Note- Please note that the foliage of this plant has been known to cause eye or skin irritation and should not be ingested.

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