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Golden Money plant (Epipremnum aureum)

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Money plant is known for good luck to its owners. Money plant often used in decorative displays in shopping centers, offices, and other public locations largely because it requires little care and is also attractively leafy. It is also efficient at removing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene.

₹ 350.00

Giloy ( Tinospora cordifolia)

Giloy is a perennial woody climber with succulent stems belongs to the family Menispermaceae. All plant parts are having some medicinal properties. Its dried stem cuttings are used to cure jaundice, anaemia and skin diseases. Now days it gets popularity to cure dengue disease and improve the immune system.

₹ 300.00

Rose (Rosa spp.)

Rose plant available in basic plastic black pot.

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Rose petals can be candied and also used to make fragrant syrups and preserves. Another bi-product of rose distillation is rose water which is a diluted version of the rose essence and had a pleasant scent. It is used in the cosmetic industry to help prevent winkles. However, it is so easy to create, it can be made at home. Rose is the popular fragrant plant as well as the flowering plant.

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Bougainvilleas are climbing plants that can be used to decorate walls, fences, gates, hedges, etc. It is suitable as a landscape plant or a decorative plant to climb over an arch or trellis or along the wall for its bright, colorful flowers. It can be potted, pruned and kept as a bonsai plant. Bougainvillea is the best outdoor flowering plant.



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Pumpkin is a rich source of potassium and Vitamin-A. The bright orange color of pumpkin is an indication of an important antioxidant, Beta-Carotene. Pumpkin is cooling, diuretic and improve digestion. It eliminate harmful worms from digestive system.

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Tomato is a rich source of vitamins and is a very good appetizer. Lycopene, that imparts red colour to tomatoes is reported to possess anti-cancerous properties. Among fruits and vegetables, tomato ranks 16th as a source of vitamin A and 13th as a source of vitamin C.

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