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Aglaonema Pinklip

Aglaonema is one of the most decorative indoor foliage plants with attractive variegated leaves for homes and offices. It belongs from “Araceae” family and it is known as “Chinese evergreen” as its common name.  It has a pink stem and pink colour foliage; it does not bloom flowers.

Plants are extremely popular and can be used as single specimens to decorate a home or in mass to create a coarse-textured, tropical effect.

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Golden Dracaena

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Dracaena is also called Painted Dragon Lily and is a beautiful, delicate, soft leathery graceful plant. Its leaves are streaked, silvery gray in the center, bordered by broad bands of rich cream yellow to clear golden yellow. It resembles a beautiful tiny fountain with bright cheerful leaves gushing out from the stem. As it prefers shade, therefore, it can easily be grown indoors. Dracaena is the best interior plant so It can be used as a house plant as well as office plant.

₹ 400.00

Golden Sansevieria (Sansevieria trifasciata)

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Sansevieria plants are excellent in a grouping and will grow equally well on the floor or on table-top displays. Sansevieria plants have an excellent capability of absorbing 107 unknown air pollutant including (such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, carbon dioxide and carbon mono-oxides) from the air. Sansevieria use the crassulacean acid metabolism process, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night. This purportedly makes them suitable bedroom plants. It also absorbs formaldehyde, chloroform, benzene, xylene, and trichloroethylene. Sansevieria as the indoor plant you will be saved from a wide range of health risks such as irritation on skin and eyes, dizziness, weakness, euphoria, headache, nausea, blurred vision, respiratory diseases, tremors, irregular heartbeat, liver and kidney damage, paralysis and unconsciousness. Sansevieria is the low maintenance plant and It can be used as a office plants as well as home plants

₹ 340.00


Cosmos are traditional cottage garden plants and perfect for all types of informal plantings. Use taller plants in the back of the border. Smaller or dwarf plants are ideal near the front of the border, in containers, or as edgings. Cosmos mainly grown for cottage/Informal gardens, flowers borders, beds and container planting.

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Orchid is perennial plant, naturally growing in rainforest area of india. It is a flowering potted plants and used as cut flowers.

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Peperomia (Pepromia spp.)

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Peperomia is known also known as pepper face.Peperomia is low light requiring plant grown easily house indoor conditions and some species are suitable for a desk and table. Peperomias are grown for their ornamental foliage and sometimes for their attractive flowers (Peperomiafraseri). Peperomia plants have a compact form that lets them occupy a small space. These hardy and attractive plants perform well in diffused light, some species are suitable as basket plants.Peperomia plant can be best used as a house plant as well as office plant. It's also a good flowering plant.

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