Fern Plant

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Ferns are among the foremost beautiful houseplants. With lacy fronds and a classic texture, they work well with any interior design, from country casual to formal. There is a wider sort of ferns available than most people realize, so there's abundant opportunity to embellish with these houseplants. Ferns look beautifully mixed together, but they're also an exquisite option to combine with other houseplants, especially large-leafed ones so you'll enjoy the dramatic contrast in leaf texture, concentrate to paint. Certain ferns pair better with other houseplants due to coloring, overall plant, shape, and other factors.




• Sunlight- Give it plenty of indirect light but no direct light. Early morning light works fine but not afternoon light.

• Water - Maintain high humidity and keep the soil moist at all times, but not soggy, and use a well-draining potting mix to avoid waterlogging and good root growth. Mist regularly or use a humidifier to maintain humidity. You can also use an open container of water next to the plant.

• Fertilizer - Feed your ferns within the summertime every two to four weeks with a liquid fertilizer, but don’t mix it full strength because you'll damage the basis system. Just a couple of drops of fertilizer are often added to the water occasionally for misting. Don’t feed your ferns within the winter because they rest, to keep the air around your ferns moist, mist them often.

• Soil- Rich, humusy, and well-drained soil.


Note: -

1) Plants will be supplied in Nursery Pots.
2) Courier charges will be extra.