Dr. Green diet

About the Product
Doctor Green is used to protect plants from Fungus and Bacteria that attack leaves and stems, such as Powdery Mildew, Leaf/Fruit Spot, Mosaic Virus etc. It enriches the plants with natural and beneficial anti-fungal and anti-bacterial microbes, leading to healthier and more productive plants. An organic and eco-friendly product, its regular use assists in plants to be bacteria and virus free.

How to Use
• Dilute 5ml in 1Litre water and mix well.
• Spray the diluted mixture on the plant uniformly
• Repeat weekly, for best results
• Use early morning or late evening to avoid toxicity
• Keep in Cool & Dry Place, and out of reach of children.

Care Instruction
1. Keep it in a cool and dry place.
2. Keep out of the reach of children.
3. Close Packet after every use.