Are you staring at your balcony, trying to find space for new plants? Or just brainstorming ideas to revamp that boring wall in your space? We might have the solution for you - Vertical Gardens! If you are hearing this term for the first time, let us introduce it to you. Vertical gardening is an innovative urban gardening technique in which the plants are grown upwards instead of outwards.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Not only does it provide a sensible solution to the lack of spaces in urban living, but it also offers numerous benefits including stress relief and positive environmental impact. It offers an extended scope of gardening, providing more flexibility in space management. To add the cherry to the cake - it’s super trendy(and perfect for your Instagram feed!)

Vertical wall gardening gives an aesthetic appeal to your space and has physiological, environmental and economic benefits. These green walls are easy to maintain, save a lot of space, facilitate growing a variety of plants in a small area, insulate the building, and, most importantly, natural stress relievers.

Here are some more reasons for you to get your vertical garden today!
1. Improved air quality
2. Added beauty and privacy to your space
3. Easy Maintenance
4. Pest Control
5. Energy Savings’
6. Reduced noise
7. Increased Productivity
8. Healthier space

It’s not the time to think. It’s time to put an end to your gardening struggles. Our garden genies, here at My Urban Greens will transform your space into the perfect vertical garden of your dreams.

There are enough reasons why you should install one Vertical Garden at your office or residence.Have doubts? Call us now; our experts would love to talk to you.