With the radical shift from houses to apartments as the majorly populated living spaces, we have experienced the disappearances of features like lawns, yards, and compounds. The only accessible open space that we are now left with are rooftops and terraces.  The terrace of the facilities provides a valuable potential source of outdoor space accessible to the building users. So, why not convert our old, boring terraces to our new nature’s spot? Yes, you heard it right. My Urban Green offers cost-efficient and innovative ways to build your personalized terrace garden. Our team of experts mindfully analyzes your space and requirements to sculpt out the flawless garden experience.


Why is it awesome to have a terrace garden?     

  • Expansion of living area
  • Adds the much-needed personality to your home
  • Removes harmful toxins and improves the air quality
  • Soothing natural green cover


The need for roof gardens has increased with the increasing number of high rises that deprive their occupants of any visual contact with nature. The terrace gardens bring a small ray of hope to connect the missing link between man and nature. One step closer to nature, these can be fitted well with the present-day architectural plan.