We all struggle every day, strolling through those narrow streets of the vegetable markets, trying to find fresh products. But all we end up getting are chemicals that are accompanied by uncountable health hazards. Rooftop farming can be our savior in such scenarios. No, it isn’t as tedious and expensive as we think it will be. With the rooftop farming services offered by My Urban Greens, it’s not only simple but also economical. Rooftop farming has evolved as the pioneer for smart urban agriculture. With limited space and a growing population, rooftop farming comes as a savior to offer wholesome, real and healthier food to your plate. Apart from that, it also helps in the natural cooling of spaces and reducing carbon footprints.

You can choose what you want to grow in your space and we will bring it to life for you. 

IFFCO Kisan My Urban Greens provide portable farming services that can easily be installed on your rooftops! It’s time to reap the benefits of fresh food in your urban lifestyle. Contact us today and take a step towards a fresh and chemical-free way of living.

Our Rooftop Farming Setup Includes:
1. Prevention from any leakage
2. A well-framed UV stabilizer
3. Installed drip - irrigation system
4. Drainage system to drain out any excess water
5. Up to 70% shaded green net to provide the plants from direct sunlight


Rooftop farming can be a feasible option for agricultural produce in urban areas as agricultural land is decreasing drastically due to the intensive rate of urbanization. Especially, in cities, it is a much advisable way of doing modern farming which will ultimately result in urban environmental management and maintain the continuously decreasing quality index of air. Rooftop farming can be done organically without using any chemical fertilizer giving us organic food to eat and also provides us with a green roof where we can relax and breathe some fresh air.