Corporate giftingis a tremendous tool for connecting with the employee and to celebrate employee's success, improve their retention, and show recognition for achieving a new target and attaining a new role. From the mid-1950s corporate gifting is all about giving materialistic gifts like diaries, pens, keychains, gadgets, edible items etc but now looking at current scenarios of the world there is an emerging idea of gifting green which means corporates should follow gifting live plants. Be it an annual day, Environment Day, Diwali, Christmas, Anniversary,  thanking your employees by gifting plants can be a perfect thing!! for sure.

Why should we follow green gifting?

1.Air purifier plants make your interior more attractive along with more clean oxygen.

2.Fresh indoor air reduces tension, stress, overall health and improves employees efficiency.

3.No intensive management or care is required for indoor plants.

4.Plants transpire and act as natural indoor humidifiers.

Gifting Plants is a gesture of wishing good Health , Wellness, Peace and Harmony. Having plants can improve your mood and enhances the quality of sleep. There are only benefits of having plants around.

We provide multiple options for gifting plants to your Clients, Employees, Partners or Guests. You select and we will deliver happiness to your doorstep.