Who We Are?

In a city full of concrete buildings and jam packed roads, nothing matches the comfort of having a part of nature in your space. My Urban Greens bring that joy and comfort to you. Be it your favorite corner of the house or your work cubicle, a stroke of green can brighten up your mood. From a rooftop garden or terrace farm, we have it all! You don’t have to worry about the daily trips to the vegetable market, you can just grow your food - fresh and organic. And did we tell you that urban greenery can help combat major issues like pollution and climate change! So, you are not only adding to the aesthetic of your workspace but also taking a step towards a sustainable world. Now, that’s what we call dual benefits! Still, thinking? Don’t! Contact us today. 

Why Choose Us?

How many times have we all thought to build a beautiful garden in our home or workspaces? But in the end, we all are just confused! Is my space big enough for a garden? Will it be a burden on my pockets? Will it be time-consuming to take care of all those plants? And many many more questions. Well, it’s time to put an end to all the chaos. 

At My Urban Greens, we are a team of specialized individuals, with expertise in horticulture and a modern, innovative approach to urban design. At My Urban Greens, we believe that even the smallest step towards green living can make the planet a better place to live. We are assisting people in taking their first steps towards an eco-friendly, sustainable planet. And the best part about it is that it’s simple, effortless, and economical. 

Services We Provide

Be it rooftop farming, vertical gardens, landscape development, maintenance, or corporate gifting, our wide range of services are here to assist you. Be it living, work, huge or small spaces, our dedicated team of professionals will take care of all your needs. 

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