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Moon cactus (Epiphyllum angulige)



This prickly variety of succulent family is found in abundance in parts of  North and South America and some parts of South Africa. The uncanny attractiveness, diversity in colour and unexpected sizes are so captivating that it has made its place in the list of most gifted and loved houseplant.

These little succulents flourish with minimal attention and with little care they bloom exquisitely. Mammillaria, Gymnocalycium, and Parodia are few pricky cacti varieties out of many that flower well with pain-free effort. The distinctive look of the cactus and its quality to survive in adverse conditions are the reasons that people opt to buy a wide variety of cactuses for landscaping for their rooftop gardens and indoor decor.


Care Tips

  • The easiest way to kill a cactus is overwatering.

  • Potting mix should be extremely well drained.

  • Place in dry spots in winters.  

  • Water only the soil, avoid water splashes on the leaves.

  • Early morning watering is preferable.

  • A sunny window aids in the flourishing of the cactus.

  • Do not keep the cactus in dark and suffocating spaces.

  • Carefully handle while transferring without interrupting the arrangement of the root system, wrap strips of paper around to form a loop on top and then handle it.

  • Water sparingly allowing the soil to dry.


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