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Money Marble Prince Plant

Who has not heard of this wonder vine? This belongs to the family Araceae, and is native to Mo’orea.  This usually grows in the temperate regions. However now it is widely grown indoors in bottles filled with water as it grows in both soil and water with its capacity of propagating fast.

When we mention ‘marble prince’ we mean leaves have random patterns, this is a especially propagated variety which look a bit fancy and is quite trendy as people are planting this particular vine in hanging pots in Verandahs or lobbies.

Plant can attain a maximum height of 20 meters, if proper care is

This plant has a good capacity of purifying air and making the surrounding toxin free by eliminating – Formal Dehyde, toluene, xylene and Benzene from the air.

Hence this plant is highly recommended for all households as an ornamental plant and as a air purifier.

  • Air Purifying Indoor plant
  • Material: Natural Live Plant in Plastic Pot, Qty: 1 (Plant with Pot)
  • Ideal for Tabletops, hanging baskets and terrariums
  • Very easy to maintain and Suitable for gifting to Plant Lovers
  • Heart shaped leaves, evergreen lush green vine can brighten up any corner of your homes, offices, balcony and garden.
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