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Jade plant (Crassula ovata)

Jade Plant

(Crassula ovata, family - Crassulaceae)

Jade plant is an evergreen succulent native to South Africa with a range of distinctive looking varieties. The woody stem with small fleshy oval-shaped green or variegated leaves forms a structure which looks like a blend of a miniature tree and a flower making it an ideal choice for indoor landscaping/decor. Depending upon the species the plant also flowers in winters and last a long time if taken care ideally.

Jade is considered to be very auspicious and symbol of good luck and prosperity, earning itself names like “Friendship Plant”, “Money Plant” and “Dollar Plant”. The reputation of Jade plant that it encourages positive mental health gives it a special place in the houses and office spaces also making it a favourite as a gift for any occasion for loved ones.

Care tips

  • Use a soil mix that is well drained.

  • Water to keep the soil moist, do not dampen the soil, it is deadly for the plant.

  • Do not re-pot for a few years.

  • Use a wide sturdy pot for the plant.

  • The plant loves a sunny windowsill.

  • Grows well in room temperature in summers and likes coolness (not coldness) and darkness during winter nights.

  • Fertilizing 2-4 times a year with a standard liquid houseplant fertilizer is enough for the plant to flourish.

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