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Sunflower-Helianthus annuus

But the best use of a sunflower is to brighten up garden during the sunnier months of the year. They cultivated the sunflower for its seeds, which they pounded into meal for cakes, mush, and bread; the oil from the seeds was rubbed onto their skin and hair.

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Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)

Tuberose can successfully be grown in pots, borders, beds and commercially cultivated for its various uses. The flowers of tuberose are also used for making artistic garlands, floral ornaments, bouquets, buttonholes, gajras and extraction of essential oil. It is also a popular cut flower, not only for use in arrangements, but also for the individual florets that can provide fragrance to bouquets and boutonnieres. The bulbs are rubbed with turmeric and butter and applied as a paste over red pimples of infants.

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Phlox-Phlox drummondii

Great for restoration and nice for the rock garden or other flower beds. Flowers are showy and are very attractive to butterflies. Garden Phlox is a medicinal plant. Ingestion of the leaf extract produces a laxative effect and, when used topically, can treat boils. Blue Phlox had a few medicinal uses. A tea made from the entire plant was used for treating stomach and intestinal disorders. A leaf tea was used as either a blood purifier or for treating boils and eczema. The roots were steeped and were used as eyewash. The roots were also boiled and were used for treating venereal diseases. Tea from the leaves has been used internally and externally as an eczema treatment.

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Larkspur (Delphinium spp.)

Larkspur is an excellent plant for cut flower and for grown in mix flower border and in pots. Larkspur plants are poisonous to animals. Keep children and pets away from them.

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Nemesia is an annual, outdoor fragrant flower plant, which are grown for ground covers, mixed borders, flower beds, window boxes and as container or hanging baskets. Plants blooms during winter months with various colours like white, pink, red, orange and blue colours. Nemesia flowers attracts hummingbirds and butterflies in a garden.

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Gazania splendens is a dwarf, trailing plant with narrow, long pointed, silvery and hairy leaves. Flowers are in various shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and white in daisy like shape.They look pretty in containers, slopes, beds, borders, ground cover, rock garden and as edging plants. They are perfect for home gardens due to their low maintenance and brilliant flowers. You can plant them in containers or the ground as flower beds or boundaries.

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