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Nemesia is an annual, outdoor fragrant flower plant, which are grown for ground covers, mixed borders, flower beds, window boxes and as container or hanging baskets. Plants blooms during winter months with various colours like white, pink, red, orange and blue colours. Nemesia flowers attracts hummingbirds and butterflies in a garden.

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Gazania splendens is a dwarf, trailing plant with narrow, long pointed, silvery and hairy leaves. Flowers are in various shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and white in daisy like shape.They look pretty in containers, slopes, beds, borders, ground cover, rock garden and as edging plants. They are perfect for home gardens due to their low maintenance and brilliant flowers. You can plant them in containers or the ground as flower beds or boundaries.

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Dianthus are annual, outdoor flower plants, which are grown in beds and pots for garden display. Flower blooms during winter months with various colors like white, yellow, pink, dark red and blue colors.

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Clarkia (Clarkia elegans)

Clarkia is a medium-tall winter season annual and popularly grown as an ornamental flower because of its attractive flowers. It is an outdoor plant and prefers full sun shine conditions. It makes good display of colour in garden in groups and is commonly grown in beds or pots. 

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Pansy (Viola wittrockiana)

Pansy plant available in black plastic pot size  5''

Pansies are often described as flowers with faces, meaning their petals lie flat and that resembles a face. Pansies are hardy in nature and grown in containers or as border plants and bedding. Flowers bloom in winter season with varied colours which is used as grown for making colour scheme in gaden display.

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Canna (Canna indica)

Canna indica also konown as Indian Shot. Mainly grown as potted plants or in beds and can be used in herbaceous borders. Plant stems and leaves are good source of fibre which is used for making paper.

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