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Ficus Bonsai 1 KG

Ficus Bonsai

(Ficus Retusa)

Ficus Bonsai, an evergreen woody plant is natively from Southwest Asia. Ficus plant has hundreds of species but Ficus Retusa is the most popular choice in indoor bonsai, as it can tolerate different environmental conditions. Ficus grows very well near a sunny window in the house, in case you keep it out save it from frost and freezing temperatures. The tip to make your bonsai look healthy is humidity when the air is dry water it regularly, but avoid overwatering.  Having this plant indoors is extremely stress relieving and caring for a bonsai propagates positive and peaceful energy.


          CARE TIPS:

  • Misting regularly but not very often is healthy for the plant.

  • This plant does not like cold dry air, so anything below 17 degrees is unfavorable, protect it from cold winds.

  • Water normally, to avoid overwatering make sure the plant sits in a well-drained pot.

  • Pruning is suggested for healthy growth if you desire a shaped bonsai, or else you can leave it as it is and trim a few leaves or smaller branches once in a while.

  • Bonsai loves morning sunlight if possible keep it near windows.

  • Fertilize every month, with organic fertilizer preferably.

  • Repot your bonsai every two years when young.


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