Money Plant Green

The Money Plant is one of the most commonly found house plants in India. These climbers are fairly easy to grow and thrive well in soil as well as water.
They have bright green heart-shaped leaves that darken as they grow and are often found on windows, over balconies and sometimes even indoors. The Money plant is believed to bring good fortune, wealth and prosperity to its owners and is considered to be a worthy gift. Being low maintenance, these plants are much recommended for beginners. they love the shade and would be happy if you water once or twice a week.


• Sunlight- The plant thrives well in bright light but direct sunlight is not suitable.

• Water - Water the plant, but make sure not to make the soil soggy as it leads to rotting of roots.

• Fertilizer - Fertilize the plant at least two times in two months in order to expect good growth.

• Soil- Rich, humusy, and well-drained soil.

Note: -

1) Plants will be supplied in Nursery Pots.
2) Courier charges will be extra.