Aglaonema White

Aglaonema Super White may be a rarity - a striking foliage plant that will deal with low light conditions. Aglaonemas are evergreen perennial herbs with stems growing erect. Plants of the genus are native to humid, shady tropical forest habitats. Aglaonema is grown as a luck-bringing ornamental plant in Asia for hundreds of years, they need to be cultivated, hybridized, and bred into a good array of cultivars. They sleep in low-light conditions and are popular houseplants. Most propagation of Aglaonema is completed with cuttings and by dividing the basal shoots. Aglaonema white is additionally referred to as a Chinese evergreen and this unusual house plant has foliage that features a creamy white, almost silvery sheen which smudges into the green margins. This house plant is tolerant of fairly low light levels, although the leaf color is going to be more pronounced during a lighter position.



• Sunlight- The plant thrives well in bright light but direct sunlight is not suitable.

• Water - Water the plant, but make sure not to make the soil soggy as it leads to rotting of roots.

• Fertilizer - Fertilize the plant at least two times in two months in order to expect good growth.

• Soil- Rich, humusy, and well-drained soil.


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