How to Look After a Dying Peace Lily

My Urban Greens IFFCO Kisan | 09 February, 2022

            How to Look After a Dying Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are one of the most popular varieties of houseplants. They are also relatively easy to maintain. Despite their easy maintenance, it is possible that the plants show signs of dying. In this case, it is important to figure out the causes and try to remedy them. There can be multiple causes for this -

Underwatering:- If the Peace lily has begun to droop and has leaves that are curling or starting to turn brown, it means that the plant is not getting enough water.

- In this case, it becomes essential to increase the frequency of watering the plant, and to ensure that the soil around the plant holds onto the moisture, and that the water reaches the roots as well.

- Another method is to spray water onto the leaves of the plant and the soil surrounding it till the soil begins to hold onto the moisture.


- If the Peace lily is beginning to get droopy, and the leaves, especially ones closer to the soil, are turning yellow, the most prominent cause is that the plant is getting too much water.

- In this case, one thing that can be done is cutting down the watering schedule or reducing the amount of water poured.

- Another thing that can be done is to ensure that the pot in which the plant is, has ample drainage holes at the bottom to let the excess water escape.

Unsuitable environments:

Peace lilies are tropical plants, and are sensitive to both cold, and extremely hot temperatures.

1.Extreme Heat:

- If the Peace lily sports brown spots or streaks on its leaves, it is likely that the plant is suffering from sunburn.

- Peace lilies grow best under bright, indirect light. If the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, moving it someplace where light reaches indirectly is advisable.

2.Extreme Cold:

- Peace Lilies are tropical plants, and prefer warmer weather. If their leaves have begun to turn black, the likely cause is colder temperatures.

- Leaves that have turned significantly black must be carefully removed as they will not recover.

- To ensure that the same does not repeat, the Peace lily plant should also be shifted to someplace warmer, preferably away from the cold.

With diligent care, Peace lilies can be brought back to health, and thus, there is no reason to worry even when the plant seems to be dying.