My Urban Greens IFFCO Kisan | 14 July, 2021

Now you don’t need to spend a fortune to start a garden. I am sharing with you some tricks to save some money, for the next random trip to the nearby hill station this summer. I know that starting a garden seems very expensive and scary but trust me that after reading this you will change your mind. These easy hacks will change your life for sure :)

Let me start with writing about seed starting pots/trays which I feel is a waste of money. There are so many ways one can avoid spending money on buying a seed starting tray like reusing egg cartons by punching holes in the bottom. I often use the Clam shaped plastic containers which I get on buying strawberries from the grocery store to sow seeds. They serve as great seed-starting containers and also add to my 'environment-friendly recycling karma' points :p. With time, as plants grow but aren’t quite mature enough to be transplanted to your garden, you can move them into recycled containers like curd or ice cream tubs after making adequate holes in the bottom of the vessel. You can also use small ‘heeng’ containers or old tea cups for the also.
One doesn’t need to buy expensive seed-starting mats to warm seedlings in order to boost germination. You can simply do that by placing the plants on top of a source of heat in the house. I usually place the egg cartons with the seeds on top of my refrigerator or AC stabilizer etc. But all the enthusiasts out there shouldn't neglect fire safety, of course!! :p
Don't hesitate in doing this, it might feel wrong initially but splitting the center of the stem, known as “pinching” the plant actually encourages a new set of leaves to grow and helps the plant to restart on the right path. But do make sure that you are pinching at the right spot.
Worried about the long and lanky plants that constantly wobble and fall over? When they’re ready to be moved to a larger pot, one can simply angle the plants in such a way that the roots are kept shallow. With the availability of lots of natural sunlight, the plant will eventually grow upwards.

Hopefully, these tips will keep you occupied till I type away the next post :p

Happy Gardening :D