Building good relationship with plants : 6 reasons

My Urban Greens IFFCO Kisan | 21 February, 2022

            Building good relationship with plants : 6 reasons

   Plants are of great help to the environment and their advantages are many:-

   One of the many advantages is that they help in building relationships. Below      are 6 ways that they do so:

1)  Housewarming:

  •  Plants often hold luck, and symbolic meaning, and that is why it is ideal for them to be gifted to people as housewarming presents.
  • Gifting plants, especially ones with attached meaning, shows the thought process involved, while also suggesting the importance the person receiving the plant holds in the mind of the person giving the plant.

2)  Mental Health:

  • Plants are known to put people at ease, calm their mind and make their stress and worries go away. This leads to people possessing a better mental state.
  • A positive mental state makes people more accepting of newer ideas and relationships, and also makes them more approachable. This way, plants initiate new relationships.

3)  Fruits and Flowers:

  • The flowers on plants, quite similarly to plants themselves, possess symbolic meanings. It is one of the reasons that they are exchanged by people to express their feelings and emotions.
  • This exchange is not limited to plants, even fruits are a common gift when visiting people who are unwell - a gesture that suggests hope for the other person to feel better.

4)  Gardening:

  • Working with plants, especially gardening, is therapeutic. It is also a great way to meet new people who share similar interests and hobbies.
  • Plant rearing is a rather uncommon hobby in the younger generation, but for the older generation who may be interested, it is a means to bond with new people while tending to plants that are living creatures in their own way.

5)  Owning Plants Together:

  •  People buying plants together, taking care of them, and nurturing them together is quite common. It is similar to owning a pet together, just without the added efforts that need to be put.
  • While owning any plant, and caring for it is a great responsibility in itself, having one with another person is also an innate show of trust in the other person’s ability to help in taking responsibility for something together.

6)  Companionship:

  • Plants make for wonderful companions, especially for people who tend to be more on the introverted end of the spectrum, and are uncomfortable with interacting with others.
  •  Additionally, plants are great at helping people develop a better understanding of their own selves, while also helping them in establishing a stronger intrapersonalrelationship.