Benefits of having Plants in the Office.

My Urban Greens IFFCO Kisan | 28 February, 2022

            Benefits of having Plants in the Office.

Having plants in the office has benefits that are beyond just aesthetics. They add a positive element to office spaces, and the following factors will elaborate on their effects.

Stress busters:

  • Plants in offices are often a representation of nature- nature, that is free, refreshing and very soothing. This is the exact effect that plants have on the minds and moods of the employees.
  • By refreshing their minds, plants act as stress busters, that can alleviate, if not limit the worries and the stressing elements of work.

Increases attention capacity:

  • It is natural to get bored by the monotonous atmosphere that is an office space. This leads to lapses in attention, or lack of focusing on the actual work.
  • Plants, apart from adding a natural touch to any space, also add a refreshing pop of color. They help in increasing the attention capacity by easing away the internal distractions that seem bothersome.

Increases Productivity:

  • Plants, as is well established by now, refresh the minds of employees. Along with that, they also help in getting people out of their creative blocks. Their vibrant color, and distinctive smells work wonders when one is facing a creative block.
  • As plants get one’s creative juices flowing, it is no surprise that they are quite helpful even in increasing the productivity rates of the employees.

Environmental Impacts:

  • Office spaces, especially in commercial buildings with ill-ventilation, are highly suffocating, and often very hot to tolerate. Plants have a tendency to release moisture, which improves humidity, and as a result cools down the atmosphere.
  • Additionally, plants can also absorb sounds, and as a result, are great at reducing noises, which are always present in the background of any work environment.

Plants as Companions:

  • Plants are very much living creatures, and thus need to be maintained and cared for as such. Having dying plants in offices makes no sense, and thus, in caring for these plants, there is a kind of companionship established with them.
  • Looking after plants, nurturing them, and seeing them grow also adds to the sense of responsibility and duty the employees possess, not just towards the company, but also towards nature, in general.

Recruiting new talent:

  • When job seekers give interviews in the office spaces, they also take it as an opportunity to look around, and be able to observe the workspace, and the general environment. Plants in offices give off a refreshing, welcoming vibe, and it is no surprise that they often tend to play a role in the job seekers’ decision to work for the company.